How are processes linked to finding or maintaining funding?  When we look at ourselves in the not-for-profit community, those of us who seek funding from endowments, grants, governmental agencies, and foundations, we need to recognize that we are much more alike than we are different.  What's more important to consider is that funders can see even less variation amongst us than we do.  

Two key ways to separate ourselves, to be different from all of the others doing so much good with so much deep conviction, and passion, we would contend is:

1.  Show how we get more from every dollar pledged, given, or granted and

2. Show them how we achieve more, know more, and never cease trying to get more not for the donor but for those we serve.  To establish continuous improvement as a culture.

To be different,  you must actually do things differently.  We have 22 years of successful grant writing, program direction, fundraising, and reporting on our team of professionals who can coach you, in conjunction with other collective members, to get more, get more from what you get, and grow your organization.  We do not write grants.  We help you build an organization that helps you write a LOI or proposal request that stands apart because you stand apart.  

And you will stand apart because you understand how your operations are successful, where they need improving, you will have a plan, you will experiment, you will measure your outcomes, and you will build a culture of improvement to fulfill your culture of good.  Your processes fulfill your mission.  When you get more from your processes your customers get more from your mission.