Lean Libraries

Libraries are the beacons of democracy, information, and privacy.  As is so often the case in the non-profit world, libraries of all kinds are fighting for funding, relevancy, and identity. Once the domain of dusty tomes and ssshhhhushing, libraries matter now more than ever. With an MLIS on the team, over 12 years of library leadership in high density storage facilities, academic, public, and museum settings, chances are, we've managed our way through it...twice.   

Combined, we have moved over 8 million physical items in to, out of, and between libraries, remote storage facilities, and archives.  We've leveraged legacy ILS to manage records, high density repositories, and tenant objects.  We've built supply chains, cultural partnerships, and trust where library moves typically cause stress.  We've moved over 500,000 unique items from one Harvard-model high density facility, into another facility of our own design, more than 1 hour away, in 9 days, using a standard moving company's labor, without losing a piece.  We've built HVAC systems with tolerances for variation so tight, the Mona Lisa smiles a toothy grin.  We've managed the optics of mass weedings. We've built standard work to find the lost, prevent the missing, and manage the circulating. We've strategically sourced cardboard, boxes, trays, crates, pallets, cabinets, mobile storage carriages, furniture, pallet racking, lift equipment, ladders, tablets, ILS, movers, and vehicles.  Why?  Because when we bring our knowledge to bear, libraries can bring more knowledge to their patrons.