Lean Process training

We are a group of consultants, and most of us maintain "day jobs" in the disciplines we love.  We've all worked with, hired, or fired consultants and as consultants let us assure you of one vital fact--we can not do it for you.  At least not continuously.  And know this too--if your consultants value ceases when they leave, you purchased waste.  

We are coaches first and foremost.  We may be data nerds, Vizio wizards, and value stream gurus but at the heart, to make it meaningful and powerful, we are coaches.  Our primary focus is on the leaders, performers, and then the outcomes of the process.  If you don't change the culture, the manager, the executor, the nurse, the librarian, the grant writer, the improvements will not become the routine.  

We as a group actively write, offer free training courses on our channel, and offer in person training opportunities on everything from A3 Problem Solving to Data Visualization Methods to Coaching Change.  

We have the former Lean program coordinator of an innovative healthcare leader and an Air Force Lean coach who separately and combined have developed over 122 hours of course content and strategic learning opportunities for over 1900 individuals of varying degrees of interest, experience, and authority in every not-for-profit sector we support.  This might be the thing we do best and the thing that will help you do your best.