Lean Healthcare

Healthcare administration, medicine, and managing care environments is complicated.  For our patients, it is more than just complicated, it is emotional and intimidating and expensive.  From both the perspective of the provider and patient, it is filled with inexplicable processes.  Processes that are filled with waste. When we improve the process, by eliminating the wastes, we improve all the lives touched by those processes. So we can improve more lives.  

Why is a powerful word we simply don't ask enough in the healthcare environment.  Why do we do things the way we do them?  Ask that question the next time something doesn't go well.  If no one can answer with real cause, you have an opportunity to improve.  

While we don't know what an urgent care waiting room without any waiting patients looks or sounds or feels like, we do know how one that has cut their wait time down from 2 hours and 15 minutes to 18 minutes feels like.  We also know how the patients and nurses feel when they stop running out of pain meds.  We know how L&D floors feel when discharges occur in step with admits.  We know how medical leaders lead when given the tools to coach, own their process improvement, and apply the scientific method, the foundation of their professions, to the management of their routines.  

With a tenured Lean black belt from the not-for-profit healthcare environment on staff, we can't make your patients feel better.  We can however allow your care teams to spend more of their time doing what they were trained to do--care for those in need--by making the routine, routine.  The standard, the standard.  Making improvement not just part of medical equation but the operational culture.